Pine Barrens Beard Oil

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This beard oil is made with 100% wild harvested plants & trees.

The Pine barrens are the last of a mighty wilderness on Long Island and this oil captures the true essence of the woods.  The fresh pine hanging in the evening air.  The midday, sun baked, fallen needle bed at our feet.  The many plant species cohabiting in theses woods - sweet fern, bayberry & goldenrod.  And the life blood of pitch pine survival, the charred remains of small scrub fires.  

Apply liberally to face & beard. 

Scent notes: morning forest air, pine resin, sun baked pine needle, honeyed wild flower,  cinnamon bramble, charred oak

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel, organ & golden jojoba oils, live plant & tree infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils

1 oz.

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