Cocktail Shaker with Rattan Sleeve

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Add a hint of comfy, worldly flair with a bit of rattan on the bar; your hand wont get cold and you'll look chic when shaking. Cocktails, but smarter! See below for a festive favorite from The Wildcrafted Cocktail.

Stainless Steel and Rattan. Made in India. 3 3/4" round x 8" high


The Kilty Pleasure

1 oz Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

1/2 oz Cherry plum ratafia (pg 144)

1/2 oz Mulberry Liqueur (page 164)

1/4 oz verjuice (page 8)

1 oz Seltzer

Combine the whiskey, ratafia, mulberry liqueur and verjuice in a shaker full of ice and shake it like you mean it for 30 seconds. Strain into a coupe. Add the seltzer and give it a gentle stir. Cheers!

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