Schitt's Creek Rosebud Motel Ornament

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I'm a terrible TV watcher, but I this show was exactly what I needed in the depths of the pandemic. Beyond the fact that a college bestie has been calling me Moy-rah for over two decades. (And from there Moyreen, Joyreen,Toy-rah, Toy-reen the list goes on! Everyone needs a Marty in their life giving them senseless nicknames.) I digress. I loved this show and even if you never watched a minute of it this ornament, for me, calls to mind all of the 50s motels you see driving the county roads here in the beloved ADKs. Sure to bring joy(reen) to any tree!

  • Glass
  • 4.5"L x 2.75"W x 4.25"H
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