Blue Fish Cotton Tablecloth 60x60

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Made with traditional block printing techniques, these cotton tablecloths are printed with a lively blue fish pattern. Lightweight and easy to care for, they make a bright and welcome addition to your Adirondack outdoor dining experience. The colors used in these cotton tablecloths are made from a combination of natural mineral and vegetable dyes, as well as non-toxic chemical dyes to withstand multiple washings. These delightful fair trade table linens are produced in India to support cottage industries where independent textile artists and craftsmen carry on traditional wood block printing techniques. Each of these colorful cotton tablecloths represents a wonderful blend of traditional ethnic craftsmanship and modern production techniques.

100% cotton tablecloths from Natural Habitat table linens are printed using completely non-toxic dyes. Each tablecloth measures 60" x 60" and are sold individually.

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