Pewter Birch Bark Trivet

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These pewter trivets enhance your Adirondack home decor by bringing a bit of the forest to your table. Each birch bark trivet is cast in pewter directly from a piece of natural birch to capture the beauty of the natural elements that inspired the piece. The distinctive characteristic of peeling birch bark that graces the forest trails, rivers, and lakes of the Adirondacks can now grace your dining room table, no matter where in the world you may go. Contemporary shapes and designs are given a lovely rustic feel by the use of natural materials, and then given a silver-tone antique pewter finish. Enjoy the intricate natural beauty of each of these unique decorative pewter trivets that will help make every meal an event to remember.

Made in the U.S., each of these pewter trivets made from real birch bark are 6 inches in diameter. Sold individually.

The birch tree’s beauty and grace has earned it the name Lady of the Woods.  For centuries humans have used it's leaves, sap, bark and wood to make shelters, canoes, medicine and more.  The bark is light, flexible and waterproof in addition to it’s striking beauty. It’s first tender green buds are a welcome sign in the spring and remind us it is a time of renewal and rebirth.

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