Wallace & Sewell Stolzl Blanket

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As part of the Bauhaus centenary celebrations, Wallace and Sewell were authorized to create a re-edition of Gunta Stölzl’s original ‘Prellerdecke’ blanket.  The project was initiated by Jörg Klambt, founder of Designshop at Bauhaus Dessau; where in 1926, the first Prellerhaus blankets were made in the weaving workshops.  The original blankets having been lost, Wallace Sewell have realized and recreated the design, with help from Gunta Stölzl’s daughter, Monika Stadler, as well as archive drawings and photographs. 

These lambswool blankets are beautifully woven in a family run mill in the UK.  The breathtaking combination of colors and patterns is even more unbelievable in real life.


100% lambswool

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