Merino Wool Toddler Blanket Stars

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Silky-soft yet highly durable, uniquely warming yet exceptionally breathable, our Merino wool blanket will keep your child cozy and comfortable year-round.

Merino naturally regulates body temperature - it helps keep little ones warm when it's cold and comfortably cool when it's hot. It manages moisture, is hypo-allergenic, lightweight, durable, and constantly renewable. It is naturally perfect.

  • Made from 100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable fiber: 100% pure Australian Merino wool & 100% organic cotton outer
  • Silky-soft against baby's skin, itch free and hypo-allergenic
  • Naturally fire-resistant without use of harsh chemicals
  • Retains warmth even when wet 
  • Great for toddlers that graduate from a sleep sack and are adjusting to use regular covers
  • Machine washable
  • 52.5" x 40"
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