Felted Wool Clog

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I recently discovered two of my close friends (one male, one female) NEVER travel without slippers. Respect! Self care for your feet, not to mention who knows what our feet will meet! (A strict shoes-off home? A floor of a friend who hasn't been able to mop since pre-pandemic?) We offer these thoughtfully-crafted, hygge vibe, felted wool specimens as possibly the perfect at-home and travel companion for which you are seeking!

The magic of boiled wool keeps your hardworking dogs cozy and warm, but never too hot! The low-back design makes these easy to slide on and off, but there is enough of a back lip that they stay put. Stitched suede leather sole with inner wool cushion for added comfort. The best part?! They are built to last - machine washable and water, odor and stain resistant! (please refer back to the *magic of felted wool*)

  • Handmade in Nepal with all natural materials (fair trade certified wool, sueded sole, natural rubber glue) and supporting fair wages and safe work.
  • 10 % of Profits support women's empowerment non-profits.
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