Domino Cotton Block Printed Large Tote Bag

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Express your originality with a tote bag designed with your values and love of artisanal goods in mind. These large block-printed totes are reimagining everyday style, giving you a new, elevated way to carry your essentials and more throughout the day. Thanks to spacious 19 x 15-inch construction, this bag is ready to haul everything from yoga gear to beach toys. Designate one as your weekender tote and another for family outings, each chosen for its functionality as well as its distinctive print.

• • Made in India

• Care Instructions: Machine wash

• Fabric: 100% Cotton

• Weight: 8.64 oz (244.94 g)

• Dimensions: 19 x 7 x 15 in (48.3 x 17.8 x 38.1 cm)

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