Dusk by Greg Jeffers

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Local author (and Birch Store royalty/handyman) strikes again! A second collection of stories you will certainly enjoy. Can all books be short stories? (True words, spoken by a mom.) I'm biased, so here's a more official blurb:

Gregory Jeffers’ new collection, “Dusk: More Stories”, is now available at The Birch
Store. Mingled with ten or so “literary” stories are Jeffers’ signature genre-blending and
genre-bending ditties. Sci-fi, retro-futurism, horror, fantasy, magical realism, fabulist, and more, most with a strong peppering of dark humor. Three international contest winners and four shortlisted stories are in the mix. Outstanding reads and just in time.
“…spectacularly well written.” The Writer Magazine

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