Night Owl Sweatpants

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Cozy pants with a purpose! The night owl print is a Winter Water Factory collaboration with designer Ashley Toth, and is inspired by the tiny Saw-whet owls who are native to the Adirondack park.  Each fall, they pass by our friends in New York City by the thousands as they make the journey to warmer climates.

To give back to the cuties that inspired this print, we are matching Winter Water factory's 20% donation on the wholesale price with 10% on the retail price. Meaning 20%of your money will go DIRECTLY to the Wild Bird Fund, an amazing nonprofit in New York City that takes more than 8,000 animals under its wing for rehabilitation annually. 

We have a long history and a LOT of love for the Winter Water Factory Brand. Their company and operational ethos combined with their exciting, graphic prints and lasting, durable fabrics have made them a staple at The Birch Store. We are so pleased to finally be adding a few favorites to the web. 

-Made start-to-finish in Brooklyn NY USA

-100% Certified Organic Cotton

-100% Certified Organic Cotton

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