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Cashmere is a category; the travel wrap is an iconic, essential investment piece.

I wrote this post back on November, 2010 when I was keeping a blog for The Birch Store. It holds up and proves as a testament to the timelessness of this piece. (Though I would add, that I am now more likely to follow airline rules and NOT smuggle my dog.) This post explores specifically how to use this. wrap when traveling. It should go without saying it functions as a proper wrap all four seasons and even a proper scarf during the coldest, not to mention it can be worn as shawl, snood, shrug or blanket to boot!

Ode to Cashmere I: The White and Warren Travel Wrap

Today is for waxing sentimental on the finely-spun hair from a particular goat's belly. Everyone who has visited The Birch Store knows, we worship at the altar of cashmere. We have an entire wall in the "ladies department" devoted to its luxurious softness: pullovers, cardigans, turtlenecks, boat-necks, cable-knits, dusters, ponchos, wraps; not to mention hats, gloves, scarves and throws to be found elsewhere in the shop. One might even say: we're obsessed! It's hard not be, right? The feel of cashmere is inimitable. You know in a second if it's the real thing, and then the swoon-y desire sets in...
The Travel Wrap from White and Warren - have you met it? You must. Let me introduce you: Giant Rectangle of Cozy Perfection, these are my friends, the Birch Blog readers.

Mine is black and I don't get on a plane without it. Its traveling functions are endless, here are but a few I have employed thus far:
1. Teaching Tool: Lead by example; let the dreadful Juicy sweatpants-wearing hordes know that it IS possible to look chic and remain cozy while traveling. I like to wear it loosely draped around my neck: high-drama look with easy-removal for security appeal. Plus you can stay warm en route without trudging your dumpy winter coat to, say, the Caribbean.
2.Plane Blanket: Bien sûr. Forget those dreadful navy fleece squares that now cost money and still stay warm.
3. Curtain from the World: Red eyed from getting up (or staying up)for an early flight? Crying over a recent break-up or bittersweet good-bye? Curl up in that seat and pull the wrap right over your head, be cozy and shut the world out. Who cares if you look like a cashmere blob in 12F, you're now alone with your thoughts.
4. Dog Smuggler: Did you know airlines charge a minimum of $100 to fly your fur-baby EACH way on a plane?!? I reject this price. The Goose travels in a dog bag that could pass for a sporty
purse (airport employees don't know "sporty" isn't my look) and the wrap casually drapes over any suspicious parts of the bag (or her head if she has managed to shake the tranq and pop her nose out.) We pass the ticket counter(self check-in kiosks are preferable) and boarding pass/ID check this way. She comes out of the bag for security (they don't check if you have a dog pass)and back under wraps for boarding. Once we're in the air the sleepy girl gets on my lap and travels peacefully, smuggled out of view by the beloved wrap.
5. Bed Blanket: Whether you're traveling to cold or warm climes, the bedroom is likely to be too cold. (What is up with setting the
air conditioning to sub-zero? I came to the beach for a reason!)I throw the wrap over my bed blankets for added warmth, or in extreme cases, wrap myself in it and then get under the covers.
6. Dressy Wrap: Again, with the air conditioning. You're all dressed up and your new tan is sporting goose pimples because the restaurant thinks you'd enjoy Adirondack winter temps rather than warm ocean air. Bring your wrap - you were smart and bought it in a neutral color, so it goes with everything. (OR maybe you're just that bold and know how to work your jewel tones!)
  • 100% 2-ply; Cashmere in 7 gauge knit. 
  • Care: Hand wash cold or dry clean. Do not twist or wring. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Warm iron if needed
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