ADK Cribbage Board

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Cribbage! Have you played? It's actually really quite fun. It sounds like an olde timey game... and honestly, having been created by a poet by the name of Sir John Suckling way back in the early 17th century, it is! That being said, a card game that has stuck around for 400 years has clearly stood the test of time! 

The board is used for scorekeeping, which may seem like a lot of pomp and circumstance where most games rely on a simple pad and pencil, but the game and particularly the scoring move quickly and the board quickly proves its worth.

Ours is a handsome board made of BIRCH wood and proudly displays our happy place: ADK under domed glass on the pewter peg container and the coordinates of Mt. Marcy on the engraved plaque.

• Birch Wood
• Satin Finished Pewter
• 1" Diameter Peg Storage Box 
• 3 Silver-toned Stainless Steel Pegs
• 3 Black-toned Stainless Steel Pegs
• 1½"x 3/4" Plate engraved with the coordinates of Mt. Marcy
• 4½" x 12" x ½" Overall Dimensions
• Hand Rubbed with Mineral Oil

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