Green Natural Rubber Acorn Dog Toy

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There were 2 weeks where I thought I would try to exercise in the morning, after the kids went to school and before I went to work. My goals weren't lofty, I was trying to 10-20 minutes of a pilates app by some mommy with a body and a vocal fry. Benny, the pandemic puppy dachshund, figured this was a cue for him to exercise. On my head! He would chew at my hair, pounce on my mat and pull on my leggings!I was (easily) ready to give up! But HA! I still had this evil genius acorn in my living room from our last product shoot.... I put peanut butter in the grooves and quickly got back to the torture of what is apparently known as hundreds?! Who comes up with this stuff. Anyway, I'm not sure what my current excuse holding me back from a pilates body, because this acorn really does the job! Plus, it bounces!

  • 3" flexible natural rubber dog toy.
  • Fashioned to strengthen the bond between you and your best friend.
  • Natural shape offers rambunctious bounces for realistic chase.
  • Enrich the fun with spread-on treats.
  • Featured grooves massage gums and helps clean teeth for dental hygiene.
  • Ideal for small dogs up to 25 lbs, who love to fetch and be mentally stimulated.
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