Balsam Draft Stopper

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Keep out winter’s chill with this balsam draft stopper. Sealing up cracks under door and around window sills with this U.S.-made balsam draft stopper will keep your home cozy while you enjoy the refreshing aroma of natural balsam needles. This balsam scented door stopper is especially festive around the holidays! Green and white gingham fabric is the perfect complement to any Adirondack home décor and adds a charming “old time” feel to your home.

Made in Maine by Paine Products, one of the oldest balsam companies in the United States. All the balsam used in these balsam products is sourced from local woodsmen and then dried. Paine Products is a family-owned company that has been making balsam products since 1931!

This balsam draft stopper measures 37" long and makes a thoughtful Adirondack gift for the holidays.

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