18k Gold Plated Sunrise Dot Cuff

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After each night, dawn breaks, carrying with it an opportunity to begin anew. An etched sunrise breaks over the edge of this 18kt gold plated cuff bracelet, channeling the warmth, radiance, and vitality of the sun. Wear this cuff alone, or as part of your gemstone bracelet stack.

Symbolism: Whether used to depict the passage of time, to mark life or death, or to symbolize royalty and power, the sun has been a guiding force across cultures for thousands of years. Signifying vitality and leadership, the sun blesses us with illumination and warmth.

Materials: All of Satya's plated styles are made of high quality 18kt gold plated over brass with a palladium coating. Palladium is a special metal that helps protect the plating and bond the gold to the brass. Each cast piece is then hand-brushed to give it our unique matte gold finish. All styles are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and long-lasting in wear.

  • Sun - Vitality, leadership, life
  • Cuff width - 9mm
  • Cuff inner diameter - 56mm
  • Cuff inner height - 46mm
  • 18kt gold plate over brass
  • Made in Thailand
  • One year warranty
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