Rustic Birch Waste Basket

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A rustic waste basket to add a touch of natural beauty to your office, mud room, bathroom, or anywhere in your house where a small waste paper basket may come in handy. The distinctive look of natural birch bark is a classic element of Adirondack home decor. Bring a little bit of the woods into your home and create a rustic, relaxing environment wherever you are.

The birch tree’s beauty and grace has earned it the name Lady of the Woods.  For centuries humans have used it’s leaves, sap, bark and wood to make shelters, canoes, medicine and more.  The bark is light, flexible and waterproof in addition to it’s striking beauty. It’s first tender green buds are a welcome sign in the spring and remind us it is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Because of the differences in the natural materials used to make this rustic waste basket, no two are alike. Please expect variations from the basket that is pictured. Each rustic waste basket is guaranteed to be uniquely beautiful!

Hand made in Wisconsin, each rustic waste basket measures 11 inches by 13 inches.  Because of the size of this item it does not qualify for free shipping.

| Derek R. 25-12-2017 01:24

Great Christmas gift. Beautifully made. Will look great in my home office!

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