Woven Elastic Belt

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Imagine a belt, but stretchy. Stretchy! Of course! All belts should be stretchy. The woven elastic design of these unisex belts make them a hit with everyone, but they are not just some comfy, functional addition to your wardrobe. (They aren't sweatpants ffs!) We love the different colors–ranging from classic to fashion, and the high-quality finishes–100% calfskin leather, zinc alloy buckles. These belts come from the same french company as our organic cotton boxers. Designed by 2 brothers with an emphasis on quality, eco-friendliness and a devotion to timeless design. 

A must have for celebratory feasts.

Elastic woven belt. Multi-hole belt adapts to all body types. Finishes: calfskin leather. Buckle: zinc alloy. Width: 3.2 cm. Unisex



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